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Marathon of Sport wants to raise $30,000 in Cape Breton and $1,700,000 at events across Canada in support of the Special Olympics Canada Foundation. We need your help!

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On June 22nd we are hosting the 2nd annual motionball Marathon of Sport. We were so happy to have raised $29,000 last year and are excited for even more teams to experience the day this year.

motionball is very near and dear to my heart - participating in the marathon of sport in Halifax for the first time in 2012 is why I chose the field of recreation therapy. Moreover, I couldn’t even imagine being excluded from sports and things I enjoy because of something beyond my control. Because of motionball and Special Olympics, individuals with intellectual conditions are not only being included, but celebrated. They are athletes and they are here to compete!

Locally, Special Olympics right here in Cape Breton is home to 15 different sport and recreational programs for over 200 athletes! Special Olympics programs everywhere are run by volunteers and are made possible because of the funds raised in the community. Without programs like Special Olympics, individuals living with intellectual disabilities would often go without the opportunities many of us take for granted.

Last year, 12 teams of young professionals were able to raise $29,000 for local Special Olympics programs and athletes. We can't wait to see how much we raise this year, and your support is how this happens.

Thank you for supporting motionball - it means SO much.


motionball for Special Olympics is introducing the next generation of supporters, donors and volunteers to the Special Olympics movement through integrated sporting and social events across Canada.

How Can Your Dollars Help?

motionball for Special Olympics is a registered not-for-profit corporation, raising money for Special Olympics programs across Canada. 70% of the funds we raise are distributed to programs in the province where they are raised, with the remainder going to the long-term funding of programs through the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.